xRM – Anything Relationship Management

XRM is An Anchor Point for ERP…

In an ever tightening economy the need for effective business control and management system is now more important than ever.

The days of customer centric process models are just as valuable as ever, but beyond that the need to expand the control mechanisms across the enterprise is vital.  Caltech CRM’s ‘Gravity xRM ’concept is the new watchword for these system developments.

Effectively the tight control systems adopted via a CRM solution are extended into all the other disparate systems throughout the business.

It makes sense, why not develop a tight control over your suppliers, your stock systems, your manufacturing partners or your distribution requirements, in fact your entire business model. The ‘Gravity xRM’ methodology has truly gained Microsoft’s attention.

The Dynamics CRM product is positioned squarely at the entire business model / process workflow element of a commercial strategy.

Like most quality CRM solutions, Microsoft Dynamics CRM increases the overall efficiency of business  processes by eliminating duplicate data entry and improving workflow. But Microsoft Dynamics CRM also has powerful tools for planning sales activities, streamlining opportunities management, accurately producing sales forecasts and right through to business intelligence and service scheduling.

Caltech CRM’s unrivalled expertise lies with our ability to Model the solution to encompass all aspects of the process model.

This means that the Dynamics Solution becomes the centre of Gravity for the enterprise, effectively acting as an ERP anchor point for all the business processes and systems.

Simon Garrity, CRM Analyst for Caltech says, “Microsoft Dynamics CRM leads the market in CRM software innovation.  As well as being available in the cloud and on-premise, it has delivered the concept of ‘xRM’ or ‘Anything’ Relationship Management.  This model is providing Caltech CRM with unparalleled growth in the Dynamics Arena, clients including Hays Travel, NHS Information Centre and Leeds Ahead are all buying into the ‘Gravity’ model.”





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