xRM – Anything Relationship Management

xRM is anything relationship management which works through CRM.  Ultimately xRM is anything relationship management as opposed to customer relationship management which is rather limiting.

For many years CRM has been managing xRM effectively, across many teams and many industries.

xRM basically talks more around how CRM has gone far beyond the traditional 1980’s type system that literally focused on managing customers.  Today, CRM is much more a strategic tool that manages projects, products, clients, students and much more…

Anything relationship management is the development of CRM that has evolved over time allowing anything relationship management.  This means that the software capability has gone way beyond sales, marketing and customer service and can now manage literally anything.  It’s a powerful piece of kit and works well for so many industries.  It will manage projects, product lines, product specifications, charitable transactions… and so much more.

As the product has evolved it has generated more capability and automation.  This means that it lends well for so many businesses and so many not for profits.  Social housing organisations can use it to manage tenants, properties and transactions.


Phil Callaghan Managing Director of Caltech, who has worked with CRM solutions since 1999, confirms that the software is so powerful now it’s just a matter of what you want it to do and how.


Anything relationship management will help your organisation manage relationships for all kinds of transactions not just the human element.  We often get asked what is the best CRM and our response is always the same – what do you want it to do for you?  So again look at the outcomes.  What do you want to achieve that you can’t currently and can CRM effect these changes for you?


Because the product is now so large it encompasses all areas of the business.  Justifying and getting people on board to a one system vision can be difficult but in essence that is what anything relationship management will do.  It will bring disparate systems together and give you an interface of one truth.

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