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Great GoldMine support is critical to your success. You need to be able to rely on having your GoldMine queries answered quickly and effectively. It is imperative that it is functioning so your users can continue to do their roles efficiently.
Our support helpdesk is available to help with GoldMine and add on queries, questions or problems.
Caltech supports Goldmine Corporate and GoldMine Premium editions.
Working with GoldMine and FrontRange since 1999, your support is in safe hands with Caltech. We are FrontRange Platinum Partners and support nearly 100 GoldMine customers.
As well as GoldMine support, Caltech also offers expertise in

  • GoldMine import and export of data
  • Add ons and extra functionality
  • Automated processes
  • GoldMine training
  • GoldMine upgrades.

Using GoldMine, a powerful customer relationship management as well as sales, marketing and customer service automation software, you can streamline the sales cycle, boost team collaboration, improve customer satisfaction and refine your efforts to make the most of your sales, marketing and customer service investments.   This comprehensive Customer Relationship Management product family offers a wide range of product features and functionality, allowing you to choose the modules and solutions that best fit your needs.  GoldMine CRM solutions can help reduce costs and ensure that your company has the opportunity to remain competitive.

GoldMine Premium Edition helps you retain existing customers, and will enable you to come out of these tough economic times positioned much better than your competition.  Premium edition is a team based contact management system that dramatically improves customer acquisition and retention by allowing a single source of customer information to be accessed throughout the organisation.  GoldMine takes your sales, service and your business forward.  See our downloads section on the right of this page with up to date information – “Why Upgrade to GoldMine 9.2”.

With excellent relationship management features, sales management, marketing automation, case management and analytics and reporting, its a great solution to focus on customer relationships.


  • A robust set of field-proven customer relationship management tools that take you beyond automating sales information
  • Company-wide visibility
  • Ability to streamline multiple-step processes without having to move customer contact records
  • Easily generated, targeted, personalised email, letters and faxes Reporting and analysis management, from a central point Integration with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange

Dashboards – The dashboards give a quick visual analytical view of your business with pre-built dashboards for marketing, sales and customer service business processes and clients also have the ability to configure their own dashboard parts that match your specific CRM procedures.

Outlook Integration – GMPE 9.0 provides out of the box integration with Microsoft Outlook.

Smartphone Capabilities – With the GMPE 9.0 integration with Outlook coupled with existing tools that synchronize clalendars between Outlook and smartphones, users can see key contact information when viewing an appointment on their smartphone.

Administration Capabilities – GMPE 9 contains multiple improvements to the administration capabilities  such as password policy improvements providing added security to the end user layer and better all around performance of the GMPE application.

Utilise Windows technology – GMPE 9.0 supports Microsoft Windows 7 both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, as well as Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit Server OS.   Database and Import / Export Data Quality – GMPE 9.0 supports Microsoft SQL Server Express .

Searching and Calendaring Enhancements – for easier access and searching on GoldMine


Quoting software – simple and easy to use.

Without doubt the greatest quoting software available!  QuoteWerks  seamlessly uses contact information in a CRM system such as Microsoft Dynamics or GoldMine.

QuoteWerks can create quotes so quickly and accurately the quote can be with your customer while they are still on the phone!  Once a quote has been created, QuoteWerks sends this to your customer in pdf format by email either through its own email client or through Outlook.  Not only can it produce quotes, but these can be transferred into Sales Orders, Purchase Orders or invoices.  This information can then be input automatically into many accounting systems reducing the need for double data entry.

Quotations can be synchronised between sales people and the main office ensuring everyone is up to date.  Using a CRM system with QuoteWerks not only populates the contact details in the quote but it also schedules a forecasted sale or opportunity and schedules a follow up call.  This is all done automatically.  The actual quotation can be viewed within QuoteWerks but also within the CRM system of your choice.

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