FastTrack Dynamics 365 Sales Implementation

Our FastTrack Dynamics 365 implementation to get you up and running for sales management quickly and seamlessly.

Customer Relationship Management is a strategy to drive sales, never miss a lead and build your business with the customer at the heart of it.  Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers the technology to help you realise that strategy.  SMBs can have the digital power of a large business using smart technology that will grow with your business and increase your reporting and operational effectiveness.

Our Dynamics 365 fast-track implementation is perfect fo ryou to realise a rapid implementation with a fixed, affordable price.  Fast Track from Caltech CRM is a great fit for a simplistic implementation without data requirements and minimal changes to the out of-of-the-box system.  It is perfect for small teams with one business process to focus on.

A Dynamics 365 for sales system would serve as a sales engine to drive process and relationships, allowing a far smaller team to handle a large set of accounts in a managed process.


Requirements Capture

Caltech CRM will commence with a 2-hour call with an overview of CRM out-of-the-box demonstrating the Account, Contact, Lead and Opportunity entities.  The time will also be spent to understand your requirements and get as much information as possible about your sales process and your data sets.  Here you will be introduced to your CRM expert who will work with you.  Reviewing your business needs will give us crucial information about the types of fields you will be utilising and will also give us the opportunity to capture your priorities for workshop 1.  A live site will be set up ready for the workshop.

Caltech CRM will carry out a one-day workshop on-site at our offices to take you through the Dynamics 365 system and help you evaulate the changes you require.  We will customise your Dynamics 365 for sales site at the workshop, making changes during that one day.

Examples of changes for discussion at the workshop will be:

  • Configuration of the Lead, Account, Contact and Opportunity entities, consisting of:
    • creation of customised fields and option sets
    • Customisation of the Lead to Opportunity process bar
  • Define one security profile.
  • Changing of settings to remove American formats, primarily date and time
  • Agree and create de-duplication rules against the Account and Contact to ensure quality of data.
  • At the end of the workshop, once configured, we will set up a sandbox site for your training.

We will also allow 1/2 day for post-workshop work and decisions to ensure that you have time to think about some aspects of your system. Additionally, we will offer off-site go-live support as per our terms and conditions.


One-day end user training held on-site at Caltech for up to 3 people covering:

  • Leads
  • Creating leads
  • Assigning leads
  • Promoting leads to accounts, contacts and opportunities
  • Handling duplicates (optional)
  • Capturing activities against a lead


  • Creating accounts
  • De-activating accounts
  • Assigning accounts
  • Handling duplicates


  • Creating contacts
  • De-activating contacts
  • Assigning contacts
  • Connecting contacts
  • Handling duplicates


  • Creating opportunities
  • Assigning opportunities
  • Capturing activities against an opportunity
  • Tracking related contacts and accounts involved with the opportunity
  • Closing opportunities
  • Re-opening closed opportunities


  • Creating appointments, phone calls, emails and tasks
  • Closing appointments, phone calls, emails and tasks
  • Assigning appointments, phone calls, emails and tasks
  • Instructions provided for installation of the Outlook Client.


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