Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365
Microsoft Dynamics 365 brings together powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions in one cloud package.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications

The applications provide core business functions to its help its users get ahead of the competition and provide excellent customer service.

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Dynamics 365 sales application

  • Helps your business grow using a bespoke sales process and providing reporting
  • Enables your business to focus on the best sales opportunities
  • Maximises the efficiency of your sales team using collaboration and mobile working.


Dynamics 365 customer service application

  • Enable your customer service teams to make decisions and provide great service
  • Provide end to end customer service, sending relevant messages and communications in the way the customer needs and wants it.
  • Self-service customer service makes it easy for your customers to find answers, quickly…


Dynamics 365 Operations application

The Dynamics 365 operations functionaltiy provides powerful ERP tools including:

  • Warehousing solutions
  • Transport management
  • Budgetary planning
  • Forecasting
  • Point of sale system

Available as an application or plan in Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Financial application

  • Ordering
  • Selling
  • Invoicing
  • Reporting

The financial application is available as an application or a plan in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Edition.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 field service application

  • Scheduling solutions, ensuring the correct engineer is despatched to the right job each time
  • Gives engineers the ability to stay in touch with the office
  • Optimises scheduling


Dynamics 365 Project Service application

  • Project planning
  • Resource scheduling


Microsoft Dynamics 365 marketing application

  • Bringing your data to life to target the right messages to the right person every time.
  • User friendly solutions to drive you end to end marketing needs.


Dynamics 365 Customer Insights application

  • Full customer data including purchase history, personal information and the ability to provide relevant offers.
  • See at risk customers to reduce churn


Why Microsoft Dynamics 365


Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers one solution to manage your business.  Start with the applications you need and start to grow your use of other applications when you need them.  Empower your business to get ahead of the competition and focus on your customers using Dynamics 365 software.


Bringing together disparate systems will bring your data to life, making it meaningful and usable, driving sound business decisions.  Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a one stop solution to power your business.