Dynamics CRM License Options

Microsoft Dynamics CRM License options: there are 3 types – Hosted, Online or On-Premise.

There are also 3 different license types for Microsoft CRM 2011 and 2013, and several for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 and Dynamics CRM 2016 depending on your role and the extra functionality you may be looking for.

This page gives information about each option for acquiring the Microsoft Dynamics CRM licenses options, and at the end of the page information about the different license types and functionality.

Please also see our updated page about Dynamics 365 licenses.  This gives specific information about the new licensing from October 2016.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Hosted

Caltech offers Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, Dynamics CRM 2013 and Dynamics CRM 2015 as a hosted option.  This is priced competitively per user per month and has a 99.9% up time.  It is a great option for many organisations of all sizes.  Contact us for pricing information.

  • Storage 10GB
  • Version and patch upgrades included
  • User access online, offline and mobile
  • Add or remove users whenever you need (by month)
  • No unnecessary tie-ins and just 30 days’ notice
  • As SPLA Dynamics CRM providers we work with partners or customers directly.

To find out more see our hosted page, or to receive a quote contact us.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online licensing

  • Dynamics CRM online is a monthly subscription, paid per user per month.  Arrange a 30 day trial today, call us on 01924 507 280 or read on and click the link below.
  • CRM Online Key Facts
  • User Access online, offline and mobile
  • Version and patch upgrades included
  • 1 year sign up


See the full Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2016 licensing guide which gives clear information about each license.  Click here to see the guide, CRM 2016 Online License Guide.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM license Online Price

See new price list for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 here.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online pricing now includes Project Service Automation and Social Engagement Professional now includes a link to CRM.

To take out a 30 day trial of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, sign in for your free 30 day Microsoft CRM Trial.  Please follow the directions:

  • Create a trial by clicking the link above, and at the end of the process you may receive an error message.
  • Once you see the error click the link above again and it will ask you to add the licenses to the trial you have generated.
  • Accept this and you will have your 30 day Microsoft Dynamics CRM license trial set up ready to use.

Professional License £40.50 +VAT per user per month.  This license type provides full access to all areas of CRM.

Basic License £19.60 +VAT per user per month.  Designed for CRM users who wish to read / write access to CRM activities, contacts, leads, accounts and cases.  Also suitable for business analysts who require reporting capability.

Essential License £9.80 +VAT per user per month.  Designed for light users of CRM, however, we highly recommend you read the pdf in our download section on this page, to ensure that you understand the capability of each license type.

Dynamics CRM On-Premises (In House)

Dynamics CRM is available on-premise, on your own servers.  Prices vary depending on if you are a charity, or have a specific Microsoft agreement in place.  The following information gives details of agreements that are available:

Select Plus Agreements / MPSA

Microsoft provides a Microsoft Products and Services Agreement.  This agreement provides one single source for software and services and is a non-expiring agreement.  The MPSA will replace the Select Agreement and is best suited for organisations over 250 workstations / PCs.  The MPSA also allows purchase of online and software assurance.  You apply your volume discount for every purchase and it also allows you to purchase from multiple partners.

New Select Plus Agreements will not be available after July 2015 and previous purchase information is not being brought over to the new portal, therefore we strongly recommend to talk to us to make the transition to the MPSA early.

Volume Licensing

Volume licensing is perfect for small and mid-sized organisations.  There are three options:

  • Open Value : for organisations with just 5 PCs and above.  The Open Value helps to manage software costs and also gives access to training, software upgrades and deployment planning.  This is a 3 year term agreement and software assurance is included.
  • Open License : This is great for organisations who want to pay as they go and are making an initial purchase of 5 software licenses.  This is a good choice for charities and corporates.  It is a 2 year agreement and offers good discounts and savings.  Software assurance will need to be added.
  • Open Value Subscriptions : boasts the lowest up front initial spend with the flexibility to reduce licensing costs if the PC user number reduces.  Government organisations have a one year option term and for other sectors it is a 3 year term agreement.  Software Assurance is included.

If you would like a competitive quote for on premise licenses, please contact us.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM License Option Types and Functionality

In Dynamics CRM 2011 there are three types of license.  A full license, a Limited and Employee Self Service CAL.  There are also device CALs available.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Microsoft introduced a 3 tier license programme.  The license model (Professional, Basic and Essential) is available for 2013 implementations.  This framework was retained for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 and 2016 versions.

Each Dynamics CRM license has extra functionality.

The Professional license is the full license most popular license for sales, service and marketing.  The Basic license is suited for those who use accounts, contacts, leads, cases and reporting but does not include opportunity management.  The Essential license is designed for users who are not tied to sales, service or marketing roles, but still require some access to CRM.

There is an Enterprise license which includes a unified service desk, Parature enterprise and Dynamics Marketing enterprise. This license is available for around £124.00 per user per month and an organisation must have 5 professional licenses in use.

Additionally, if you have 10 Professional users or more, then social listening and social analysis features are available.

Dynamics CRM License Option Model

As UK based CRM consultants, we also offer fantastic packages to ensure that your CRM implementation is a success.

There are three packages:

  1. Up and running
  2. Mini project
  3. Full Sure Step implementation.

Each of these models are designed suit your needs and your investment.  It doesn’t matter whether you are just getting started with Microsoft Dynamics CRM or are looking to do more with your system, by getting Caltech involved for a free discovery meeting, we can help you identify where CRM can be most useful for you and help to make licensing clearer.


    Dynamics CRM can be complex, but we are here to help our customers get the most from the software and understand the licensing options.

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