Dynamics CRM Implementation

If you are looking for efficient and successful Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation, we can help.

Our CRM consultants will adapt Microsoft Dynamics 365 to the needs of your teams and customers, ensuring you enjoy the greatest business benefits from your investment in CRM from the outset.

Check out our consultancy options including fast track for sales, full sales implementation, proof of concept and more. We also offer a fully bespoke CRM implementation and can help you get the most from your processes and data.

Process CRM implementation

This service is our complete end-to-end CRM implementation service involving our full Sure Step process. It includes:

  • Diagnostic Meeting to agree the high-level requirements
  • Analysis workshop to drill down on fields and the granular detail of the site.
  • A design phase if any additional functionality is required.
  • A development phase to identify any bespoke development requirements.
  • A deployment phase to release the new site and ensure staff are trained

This plan includes data upload, integration and any other requirements, plus support following go live.

All of our clients benefit from our tried-and-trusted approach to CRM implementation.

Project Scope

We will scope your CRM implementation to define your exact requirements. This involves in-depth discussions about your organisation and goals, and the role that CRM needs to play in helping you attract new customers and keep existing clients. We will explore your business processes to ensure our CRM solution helps you to work more efficiently and effectively.

Plus, we will create a proof of concept which demonstrates how our CRM solution will meet your needs now and into the future. This activity usually entails a number of project workshops and will result in a clearly defined path to CRM success tailored to your organisation.

Implementation Plan

Once we understand the scope of your project we will devise a detailed plan outlining all the steps that are required to complete the implementation. This gives you a clear idea of what’s involved at what stage to achieve the agreed outcomes. The plan will also seek to de-risk the project and ensure the implementation stays on track to agreed budgets and timescales.

Technical Development

At this stage we will begin the design and build of your CRM solution, working with your teams throughout to ensure the final result meets your exact requirements.

Testing and Deployment

Once your CRM solution has been built, we will undertake thorough testing against all agreed functionality criteria. We will work alongside your teams to incorporate any modifications, as appropriate. We will also provide user training, if required, at this stage, and a period of ‘trouble-shooting’ so that you can be assured of the appropriate support whilst your CRM solution becomes business-as-usual to your teams.

Why choose Caltech?

We have been implementing CRM solutions since 1999. Our expertise spans hundreds of CRM deployments across a range of industries for clients large and small.

We seek a long-term partnership with our clients and work alongside them to help them get the best use of their CRM solution, to help attract, win and retain clients.

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