Microsoft Dynamics CRM Pre-Built Industries – Offering you the best practise solutions that can be optimised to propel your own unique system, saving you time and money.

CRM must work the way you do.

It must support your processes, be core to your strategy and most importantly speak your organisations language.  CRM used in a sophisticated way will drive your organisation’s performance and enhance your IT strategy.

Caltech has extensive experience working with organisations from many industries to automate processes and get more from CRM and extended CRM (XRM).

Refining specific industry CRM models means that you will get the focused CRM experience of Caltech, plus its knowledge of what has worked well for other clients who wanted to achieve similar results in similar industries.  It is all about matching CRM to your processes and the way you work.

These pre-built CRM solutions will also save you time and money implementing CRM as the system will be doing a high percentage of what you require it to do already.

To find out more about our industry experience, please click through to the relevant pages.

To find out more about what CRM is, please read our blog post: What is CRM?.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a powerful solution that will work across many industries and businesses.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables both profit and not for profit organisations to do more with less.


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