4 Week Implementation for Sales

Our Dynamics 365 CRM for sales implementation is a straight-forward way to get started with an affordable investment.


We will carry out an initial scoping meeting at Caltech HQ to discuss your sales processes, teasing out your challenges and goals.  We will help you understand your challenges.  The scope will be set out and agreed using the MoSCoW project prioritisation technique.


We will apply our experience of over 20 years implementing CRM solutions and working with Dynamics 365 to ensure the architecture will work for you, including your in-scope challenges and delivery against your goals.  The result of the scoping meeting will be the production of a diagnostic documnet, which will outline your sales process and business requirements and set out what will be delivered and is in scope for this implementation.


We will create your Dynamics 365 site and customise it to the agreed requirements from discovery. Included in this remote work could be the following types of configuration:

  • A remote workshop to determine the requirements for data capture
  • Creation of a Sandbox system for testing and development purposes
  • Configuration of the lead, account, contact and opportunity entites consisting of:
    • creation of customised fields and option sets
    • creation of workflows for enhancing the business process
    • building a form for each of the above entities and designing the layout to enhance usability
    • customisation of the lead to opportunity process bar
    • creation of views
  • Define and deliver user security profiles (maximum 3 roles)
    • One at sales level (no access to export to Excel or settings)
    • One at Administrator level – full access
    • One with export to Excel/Delete Privileges, which can be applied on top of the sales level if required
  • A remote session to review the newly customised system and make any required changes.
  • Changing settings to remove Americal formats, primarily date and time
  • Agree and create de-duplication rules against the Account and Contact to ensure quality of data


  • End user adoption is critical.  High quality training of the final system by one of our leading CRM consultants at Caltech HQ.  Depending on the size of your organisation, this would either include training of all end users, or the key project team would be trained and this could then be rolled out to the rest of the users.
  • Instructions for installation of the Outlook client
  • Project management – including testing, deployments, project update calls and guidance and 5 working days of Go Live Support.

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