CRM Proof of Concept

Many organisations need to carry out a CRM Proof of Concept (PoC) to realise an idea or process to demonstrate its feasibility.

You may be new to CRM and Dynamics 365, you may already be using Dynamics 365 and want to focus on one key entity or particular requirement.  The PoC is a perfect way to focus on a complex area to ensure that it will give you the practical potential, give the outcomes you are requiring and return on investment.


Prior to the PoC we wil ensure that this is the correct stream of delivery for the work you are looking to deliver.  Following a free discovery meeting we can then confirm the outline for the PoC and ensure it will give the results you are looking for.

Requirements capture

Caltech will commence with a one-day meeting at Caltech HQ to understand the process you are requiring as a PoC.  This will run through a complex process to follow each step.

Project Charter

Following the capture meeting we will then create a Project Charter.  This will detail what is included, what won’t be included and what could be included in the future.  There will be an overview of the process with actual deliverables.  This will be fully costed against each element.

The project charter will be discussed and it may be necessary to negotiate this and ensure that it is absolute as this is what the PoC will be built upon.

Fixed Price PoC

From the Project Charter a fixed price PoC will be created.  This will include project management and testing.  The developed system will be demonstrated back to you at key milestones to ensure it is meeting expect5ations.  The PoC may include development, data population, utilising out-of-the-box functionality and customisation.


  • Project managed, tested and agreed delivery of PoC
  • Full demonstration of the PoC
  • Deployed system for your internal appraisal
  • Next steps meeting

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