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Dynamics 365 training is essential to get the most from your solution.  Once your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solution has been implemented it will be important to ensure that all users are trained to use the system as it is designed.  One of the great things about Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution is the user-friendly interface.  It is easy on the eye, has been well designed by a specific team and provides a familiar platform for working so that your users are not “put off” getting the most from their system.  Your customer relationship management strategy is essential to the growth of your business.

Dynamics 365 starts with good training

When you put your Dynamics 365 site in you may have highlighted the aims of the system.  In order to achieve those aims, your users will need to be engaged with the product and on board to ensure that it succeeds for your business.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 training is one of the most important strands of user engagement and user adoption.  One of the essential reasons that CRM solutions fail is down to a lack of commitment from the business and this includes user adoption.  Training should not only show the users how to use the system but it will provide the why they are receiving the system.  This should help to drive their commitment to its use.  If users can see clear benefits for themselves, for their role and for the business they will get behind the Dynamics 365 software and they will drive productivity.


The Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) training may have been part of your implementation strategy and that’s great.  Over time your users may have tweaked the system, more people join the team and other teams may have added to the system. The users begin to use the system in slightly different ways leading to confusion to those engaged users, data errors and inability to find information easily.  Regular training is essential to ensure that your workforce is always up to date, together and driving productivity for your business.


Since 1999, Caltech IT Limited, a Microsoft partner, has delivered CRM solutions.  We ensure that the training is bespoke and specific to your processes and your organization type.


Types of training

As well as bespoke training we also offer a range of training services to help set you off on the right foot with Dynamics 365 / CRM.



Microsoft Dynamics 365 Familiarisation Training


This full-day training course offers an introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365. This allows users to find out how the Dynamics 365 CRM product works, find out about the terminology Microsoft users and understand the processes Microsoft has worked on as a baseline which should provide you with lots of opportunities to drive productivity changes to your own site.

Our familiarisation training includes:

  • Navigating Microsoft Dynamics 365 / Dynamics CRM
  • An introduction to the Microsoft Dynamics sales or service module including the licensing implications
  • Using the Outlook client for Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Ownership of records within Dynamics 365 / Dynamics CRM
  • Personalising views and settings
  • How to interrogate Microsoft Dynamics and drill down on data
  • Creating activities and tasks in Dynamics 365.
  • Working with CRM dashboards, reporting and charts (out of the box).


Microsoft Dynamics 365 training for Sales

Our sales focused training showcases the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 / Dynamics CRM for sales users.

We will train the sales teams to use Dynamics 365 to track the sales funnel, never miss an opportunity and generate sales reports.


  • Qualifying and disqualifying leads and opportunities
  • Working with leads and opportunities using process bars
  • Creating personalised sales views
  • Creating sales quotes and orders in Dynamics 365
  • How to interrogate the system using advanced finds, customising charts and dashboards
  • Using goal management to track the progress of sales targets for individuals and management.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 training for Marketing

Our marketing focused training showcases the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 / Dynamics CRM for marketing users.


  • Review of basic Dynamics 365 navigation
  • Advanced Finds – how to interrogate your data
  • Static and Dynamic Marketing lists
  • Quick Campaigns
  • Setting up a campaign
  • Adding marketing lists to campaigns
  • Planning activities
  • Campaign activities
  • Distributing campaign activities
  • Campaign responses
  • Reporting and analysing campaign results
  • Creating dashboards and charts
  • Email and Mail Merge Templates


Administration Training

Administration training is for those people looking after a Dynamics 365 / Dynamics CRM site.

  • Working with Users including adding, editing and deactivating.
  • Working with security roles
  • Assigning Users and Team Permissions for Secured Fields
  • Managing Subject Hierarchy used by Products, Literature, and Articles
  • Creating, editing and deleting Announcements
  • Manage a list of holidays and other times when the business is closed
  • Working with Business Units
  • Manage Discount Lists, price lists, and products
  • Work with teams
  • Setting E-Mail Tracking Settings, marketing options, and customization options
  • Specify Auto-Numbering Rules for Contracts, Cases, Quotes, Articles, Orders, Invoices and Campaigns
  • Working with Duplicate Detection in Microsoft Dynamics 365 / Dynamics CRM
  • Create and Manage Data Imports
  • Working with Queues in Dynamics 365 / Dynamics CRM
  • Working with Sales Territories


Caltech IT Limited also offers bespoke training to your requirements and can also work with you to understand your processes or requirements prior to training.


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