Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Our Hosted Microsoft Dynamics 365 service gives you the advantages of a sophisticated CRM solution without upfront capital investment in licenses.

Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives you complete access to CRM with without having the full back-end stack of hardware and other software. There are no requirements for a server, infrastructure, or IT staff to manage it.

Furthermore, our data centre is UK based, ISO 27001 accredited and UK supported for cloud.

Is a Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM right for you?

Hosted Microsoft Dynamics365 is ideal for organisations of all size. It involves a monthly per-user fee including break fix support. Access to your hosted Dynamics 365 solution is via internet access. This does not limit users to use a web interface, that’s an option, they can still use Outlook (Office 365) to access their system.

The data is stored in a secure data system and we manage the maintenance on your behalf. Furthermore, your network and IT teams will not have to spend time installing and upgrading, as this service is carried out by us.

Choosing hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Caltech CRM means that your product upgrades are managed as well as roll-ups using our consultancy services (small bug fixes or patches that come out periodically from software providers).

Caltech CRM provides hosting for Dynamics 2016 and Dynamics 365. We can also help with upgrading you from Microsoft CRM v.4, Dynamics CRM 2011 or Dynamics 2013 to the latest edition Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 / Dynamics 365.

The solution uses Microsoft CRM licenses the same as the Online offering. We offer 10 gb of data per site and you can have 1 – 1000+ licenses on each site, so you get the solution which is best suited to your needs.

As Dynamics 365 specialists we have the expertise to help you get the most from this technology. We have an excellent track record in helping our clients to reach their maximum potential by using Hosted Dynamics CRM.

Configuration, development and support for hosted CRM

Caltech CRM is far more than a hosting data centre for customer relationship management software. We also offer our clients a full CRM consultancy service. Our CRM consultancy includes full implementation, configuration, development, training and support.

We also work with clients that have other CRM partners. If you are already working with a partner but simply need a UK hosted platform, then we will be only too happy to help.


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