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Use our clear CRM Partner Switch service to help your business grow and reap the rewards of your software.

If you need help to get your CRM system to work effectively for you, we can offer you sensible steps to take you forward.

In our experience, of implementing, supporting and developing CRM systems since 1999, it is seldom the software that is the reason for a CRM failure.

Unfortunately, some CRM implementations fail.  With so many teams across an organization potentially involved in a CRM implementation, it can be problematic.

In our experience there are 6 key reasons why some CRM implementations simply aren’t making efficiencies that were expected:

  • Initial scoping missed and lack of strategy focus
  • Not having the senior managers on board
  • Not having clear goals or lines in the sand
  • Processes not set out
  • User communication and user commitment
  • Useless data

Additional to this are other negative impacts that many projects experience, for example late delivery or budgetary requirements.  We find, these are more symptoms than causes and should not be a problem as long as the sales process is done correctly and the initial stages are not missed, crucially initial scoping sometimes referred to as diagnostic.

What to do if your CRM project does need a helping hand

Avoiding a CRM failure is achievable if you have the right information at the outset and if you have a partner that understands you and your organization.  Unfortunately, with the rate of failure high for CRM sometimes it just hasn’t hit the mark.  If you project has been derailed we can help to set you back on the right track, using our CRM project rescue process.

There are so many reasons for CRM Project failure.  It can happen at implementation, but we also find that relationships can break down as businesses and people change.  Sometime you need a new partner to help you realise your next goals, enabling CRM to make more efficiencies.

Whatever the reason, we have helped many organisations and empowered them to get CRM to where they need it to be, regardless of the root issue.

CRM Partner Switch process to get back on track

Site Audit

  • We listen to you.  We seek to understand where you are in your CRM journey.  We undertake a site audit to see how you can make efficiencies.
  • We also look at the bigger picture.  If your users haven’t adopted the system, we can help to generate a user communication plan and offer role based training, offering them the energy to want to be involved.
  • If your IT environment is hindering your CRM solution, we can find out why and help seek to resolve that.
  • Once we have looked at what you want to do we can set this out into agreed tasks in the form of a project plan, with clear activities and end dates.

It could be that you are simply looking for a ‘phase 2’ with a CRM partner that can help you to get the most from your CRM system.  Following our steps to success will ensure that, we can help to rescue your CRM project and help you get the most from your Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution.

Gap analysis

  • We help to analyse the gaps.  Following our site audit we then produce a proposal with our recommendations.  We seek to offer routes to solve the issue, offering you clarity and reasoning, empowering you to make informed decisions.
  • This is fully costed and ringfenced, so there are no nasty surprises.  It will be clear what is in / out of scope and how much each element will cost.

Project Plan Agreed

  • Once you have confirmed the route you want to take we create a project plan which is fully agreed by you and then we commence work.

CRM Support

  • Once the action has been taken we can then support your Microsoft Dynamics CRM site.  We have a dedicated support desk.  The support team works closely with the development manager, so that if there is any development that needs to be fixed or enhanced, they can get onto it without delay to you.
  • Our Microsoft Dynamics CRM support is there to keep your users working despite questions or other issues that may arise.




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