Dynamics 365 Business Edition

Check out how Dynamics 365 Business Edition can transform your business and generate competitive advantage using the latest Microsoft financial and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology.


Spotlight on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Edition

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Edition is built with the users and their roles at its core and enables productivity where your teams need it most. Take a look at how the Business Edition can help your organisation.

The Business Edition is most suited for organisations from 5 to 250 users. If your organisation has 250 users or more, the Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition will be more optimised for your needs.

License Types of Dynamics 365 Business Edition Users

Light Users –  These licenses are suitable for users who produce reports or do data entry tasks such as time recording.

Full User – These full users can purchase licenses for Microsoft Dynamics 365 in 2 ways:

  • Apps – the business apps are role based, for example you can purchase a full user sales app, or a marketing or financial app.
  • Plan Based – This will allow customers to have a single license to fit their role. It provides an opportunity to make cost savings – carry on reading for more information.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Edition Pricing

PRICES TO BE RELEASED SPRING 2017.  Contact us to be included in our communication updates for information on Business Edition as and when it is released.

  • Business Team Members£TBA
  • Apps: The apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 business edition £TBA (PowerApps, Financials app, Sales app (coming Spring 2017) and marketing app (coming Spring 2017)).  Tiered pricing is not available on apps.
  • Business Plan:  £TBA  This will also have tiered pricing thresholds based on seat numbers.


  • The Financials app will be released to the UK in 2017
  • Sales and marketing functionality will be released around Spring 2017
  • Dynamics 365 Business Edition will be available from Caltech IT Limited when it is released, spring 2017. In the meantime, there is a tailored Enterprise offering.

Price Tiers for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Edition Plan

The plan offers the applications in one subscription.  Discounted prices for Dynamics 365 business plan users are available, based on the number of users:

1 – 14 seats        £ per user per month

15 – 49 seats      £ per user per month

50 – 74 seats      £ per user per month

75+ seats             £ per user per month

Note the price tiers are not be available for business apps or light users (team members).

Contact George@caltech.co.uk for more pricing information.


About Dynamics 365 Business Edition Financials

Microsoft Dynamics 365 User Rights Financials app

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 financial app is being developed under code name Project Maderia.

Team members will be able to:

  • Approve workflows
  • Create requisitions and quotes
  • Manage personal information
  • Update existing data and entries
  • Read across all 365 apps
  • Use PowerApps

Full users of the financial app will have the additional “edit”:

  • Financial management
  • Purchase and payables
  • Sales and receivables
  • Stock management


Dynamics 365 Business Edition Overview

Similar to how Microsoft Dynamics CRM was licensed, Dynamics 365 is on a named user basis.


For more information about Dynamics 365 Business Edition, please contact us or email George@caltech.co.uk