Dynamics 365 Business Edition October 2017 Update

This blog describes the Dynamics 365 Business Edition October 2017 update.  In October 2016 Microsoft rebranded Dynamics CRM to Dynamics 365, and launched two editions.

The first edition launched was the rebranded and newly licensed structure for what was CRM – now called Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition.

The other edition was due to be here in Spring 2017.  It was to be named Business Edition.  Microsoft has now confirmed it will not be releasing the Business Edition.  Microsoft has released a new roadmap with a focus on developing the Enterprise Dynamics 365 edition with different price points for each of the applications; for example, sales or customer service.  Microsoft has stated it will release, within the applications, different functionality across these price points.

Microsoft has recognized that most businesses are looking for an end to end software solution and this will still be a consideration as they continue to develop the Dynamics 365 suite of products.


To read the full blog from Alysa Taylor at Microsoft please see here:


The Business Edition Dynamics 365 site was due to bring together Nav (now called Financials) and CRM in one product for SMBs.  The financials application is now available in the UK for purchase and Microsoft has plans to correlate this application to a business-driven data system as outlined in the blog from Alysa.


What are the options for you if you were waiting for Dynamics 365 Business Edition?


For those people waiting for the Business Edition, our message is now to move forward using specific product codes for the Enterprise Edition.  Licenses are priced at the number of users and there are SMB product codes which are at a great price point and these are available now.


Our task for providing CRM functionality at Caltech remains as focused as ever, and so our advice stands to follow our top 10 steps to CRM success.


To find out more about Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition for SMBs, please contact George@caltech.co.uk and we can give you some information about the right price for your business. 


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition Price for SMBs

The licenses for Dynamics 365 have changed since it was Dynamics CRM, and our blog from November 2016 (Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition released today, 1st November 2016) offers information about what altered.

The functionality in Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition remained the same as what was Dynamics CRM, in fact, it remains to be developed and is strengthening all the time.

Please see our snapshot of licensing costs and further explanation:

  • Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition is purchased by application, by plan or team members.
  • The applications available for purchase are:
  1. Sales
  2. Customer Service
  3. Field Service
  4. Project service
  • The plan 1 includes the following applications:

Dynamics 365 Business Edition October Update Now Enterprise SMB

This means that there are considerable savings if you need more than one app as the plan 1 is priced competitively.  Please note that if you had CRM and transitioned to Dynamics there is a transition guide and product code and your price is different.


Dynamics 365 for SMB SKUs

There are specific SMB product codes for Dynamics 365.

  • There is a sales application for 25 users and under which is priced for that market.
  • Additionally, there is a customer service and sales product code which has a 50-seat limit.  This means that this product offers sales and customer service rights for up to 50 users.


Our guide to Dynamics 365 is available for free download here:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing Summary December 2016

What does this mean for CRM functionality?

With the focus from Microsoft now on the Enterprise Edition of Dynamics 365, we are pleased to continue to work with CRM functionality ensuring that we remain close to the product and its releases.  This is great news for our customers and those people looking to purchase Dynamics 365.  We are excited to see the other applications and functionality that will be released to the product over the forthcoming months.


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