How much does Dynamics 365 cost?

What is the difference between a Sales Enterprise Application and the Sales Professional Application in Dynamics 365 licenses?

The Sales Professional application was launched in March 2018 and allows basic sales functionality in Dynamics 365 as well as case management. The Sales Enterprise Application has full sales automation functionality as well as case management. The biggest difference between the Sales Professional Application and the Sales Enterprise Application is the fact that ‘goals’ can only be managed by a Sales Enterprise Application and you can only create marketing lists in Enterprise. Also, note that the customisation of the Sales Professional Application is reduced in comparison to the Sales Enterprise Application.

Is there a license for the Dynamics 365 marketing application?

The Dynamics 365 marketing application is due during 2018. For marketing functionality already available within the core product please see my earlier blog. There are also digital marketing automation solutions available such as Click Dimensions. The Dynamics 365 License for Marketing is due for release during 2018.

What is the cost of Dynamics 365 licenses?

Each Dynamics 365 license is priced on application. As at March 2018, the following costs are in place, per user per month:

  • Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional £49 .00
  • Dynamics 365 for Enterprise Sales Application £71.60
  • Customer Engagement Plan (Plan 1) £86.70
  • Dynamics 365 for Customer Service application £71.60
  • Team Member Dynamics 365 License £6.00

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