Dynamics 365 Team Member License Enforcement

Dynamics 365 Team Member License Enforcement

Are you ready for the Dynamics 365 Team Member License Enforcement from Microsoft?  If not get ready here.


Microsoft launched a new Team Member license in October 2018 reducing the custom entities usage and also removing some rights on the Account record.  Any customer purchasing a new Team Member license from April 2019 will be working to the licensing restrictions set in October 2018.  If customers purchased a Team Member license prior to October 2018, then when the licenses renew after June 2020 with Microsoft, the users will move onto this new SKU, set in October 2018.


Microsoft released the new Team Member applications as part of the 2020 release Wave 1 to assist customers with the tailored role experiences.  The Dynamics 365 Team Member License Enforcement will be turned on by Microsoft from 1st April 2020 for Online customers.  Any users that have a Team Member license in use purchased on or after October 2018 will then ONLY be able to access the Team Member applications.  In essence, from 1st April 2020, these Team Members will no longer have access to the apps for example the Sales Hub or Customer Service Hub or any custom applications.


If you are affected by the changes to Dynamics 365 Team Member Licenses

If you are affected Microsoft is contacting the administrator of the site prior to the change and are advising that they should review the team member roles and migrate any customisations if necessary, to the new Team Member applications before 1st April 2020.


Please note that this ties in with the Unified Interface roll-out which is enforced from October 2020.  Caltech is advising its client to get ready for the UI now in light of these changes.


For further details please see Dynamics 365 Team Members License from Microsoft.


Check out the Dynamics 365 licensing guide – please see February 2020 version correct as of today’s date.   Please note this document is updated monthly.


Read More of accessing for sales here or for customer service here.


If you need help with the Team Member enforcement please contact us on 01924507280.

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