Our CRM specialists work with many organisations on an ongoing basis, helping them get the best out of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

We aim to build long-term partnerships with all our customers and find that this in-depth understanding of their operational challenges and commercial goals helps us ensure the CRM solution plays its part to the full.

Of course, our service is designed around meeting our clients needs, but if you choose to work with us there are a number of things we will do to help you get the best from us as your CRM specialists, and from the technology in which you’ve invested. Here, we describe some of the elements which make up the most successful partnerships.

Clear goals

You understand your business and customers, we understand CRM. Put our CRM specialists in a room with your management team and we will help you unlock the full potential of your Dynamics 365 CRM toolkit. We will help you to ensure the right information goes into your CRM solution so that it can be used to improve sales, customer service and retention, as well as improve cumbersome manual processes or poor decision-making which so often results from unclear or inaccurate management information.

Regular user reviews

Another element we find makes a big difference to the value our clients derive from their CRM specialists is regular reviews with users. Business processes and ways of working tend to change over time, and this makes a huge difference to usage. Regular reviews with users will ensure your CRM supports how they want to/should work, enabling the technology to support improved customer service and decision-making. Again, we can support user reviews on an ongoing basis or whenever there is a need.

Talk to us

To help you get the best from your CRM specialists, keep us informed. It’s helpful to have a high level understanding of what you are trying to achieve with your people and with your customers. This insight enables us to review your CRM solution to ensure it remains fit for purpose as your needs change. As well as looking at the technology, our CRM specialists will also look at the business processes which underpin getting the most from your CRM. Some customers talk to us a couple of times a year, others a couple of times a month, the level of involvement will very much depend on your organisation’s particular needs. Our support is highly flexible.

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