CRM for Housing Associations

TenantViewCRM Powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Housing Associations improves quality and first-time resolution of calls, whilst providing your teams with a clear picture of tenants and properties.

Housing associations must continue to improve the services they offer to their tenants and suppliers. Using the latest CRM technology they can slicken their processes, improve tenant satisfaction and gain efficiencies.

What is TenantViewCRM?

Caltech IT Limited has been developing our own housing CRM solution, TenantViewCRM, since 2009. TenantViewCRM is a modular CRM solution so you can choose the parts of the system you need, whilst also having the flexibility to further customize and tailor to your exacting needs. When working with new housing association clients we still take the time to fully understand your requirements, to guarantee an effective implementation that compliments the way you work.

What does TenantViewCRM do?

TenantViewCRM provides CRM for housing associations, whether not for profit, local government led or private organisations, with everything you need to manage relationships with those both inside and outside of your organisation, in one secure place. It bridges the call centre and housing management solutions, improving interactions between tenants, suppliers and the housing association.

It provides housing associations with one system so they can easily see clients, properties and cases in one location that is easily shared across the teams. Giving your internal people access to files will expedite the case management process, and link up tenants to properties, and properties to tenants.

It provides all information linked to both tenant and property in one place.

How can it help me?

TenantViewCRM powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM, gives a 360 degree view of your properties, tenants and suppliers. Everything is in one solution, so information is all linked and whatsmore, actionable and efficient. The data can be screened for different call centre users, to ensure that sensitive information remains confidential.

Housing associations are continuously managing a high level of requests, queries and other concerns from their tenants, and these need to be logged quickly whilst providing empathy and understanding, managed to fruition and handed between teams smoothly and professionally. Having all necessary information in one easy view improves the likelihood of closing a case on first contact.

Our system ensures that employees at housing associations ask the right questions using prompting and scripting processes that have been developed and employed especially for the social housing sector.

Having information in the history or activity for each tenant means that information is instant. By scanning your paper-based documents into TenantViewCRM and attaching to the property and tenant gives immediate advantages. There are no more filing cabinets and time wasted waiting for information or files to be made accessible. If a tenant calls in about a query the call handler can also see clearly how many cases are open, is their rent up to date, do they have specific needs?

Managing suppliers or partners on TenantViewCRM helps to ensure that repair cases are closed using integration with scheduling engines. If anything has been sent to a supplier to repair, for example, the system will track this automatically and call centre staff will be able to clearly if work is scheduled or if it has been dealt with.

Your housing organisation will be able to segment data on any information easily : tenants, residents, properties, suppliers, shared areas and so on… This also helps to send targeted marketing messages.

CRM for Housing Associations

TenantViewCRM at a Glance

Delight your tenants by understanding their needs and dealing with their queries rapidly, and with empathy

TenantViewCRM meets the challenges that housing associations face every day. We have been developing this solution since 2009 and we continue to improve and add further functionality. Here at Caltech IT Limited we are committed to working with housing associations and to TenantViewCRM, and it has a structured product road map which demonstrates our passion to continue to provide an elite CRM solution for the housing industry.