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What is Dynamics 365 and Where has Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online gone?  Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM…

Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s end to end business applications in the cloud.  So what does this mean and where did CRM go?


From 1st November 2016 you will no longer be able to buy Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.  Please note that on premise Dynamics CRM product codes will still be available for purchase, AND Caltech is still offering Microsoft Dynamics CRM over its hosted platform.  Check out our page all about Dynamics CRM license options.  Please note that Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online will no longer be available and instead has been replaced with Microsoft Dynamics 365.


For those customers that have recently purchased Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and are still in the first year’s contract, you will still be able to add users and will be able to continue using CRM.  When the 12-month agreement is ready for renewal, customers will move over onto the Dynamics 365 platform.


Dynamics 365 offers great integration with Office 365 and also offers apps that work in tandem together.  It brings processes and brings data to life, giving actions and great business intelligence and reporting.  Although CRM as a term is no longer mentioned within the product name, the CRM functionality will be packaged within Microsoft Dynamics 365.  There will also be additional functionality from other Microsoft products that will be available within Dynamics 365.


Let me tell you more!


Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Capability

Microsoft Dynamics 365 will have capability of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) within a single product offering and will also bring new functionality such as PowerApps and Process Flow.


We believe that the move to Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a great opportunity and one that we here at Caltech IT Limited are excited about.


Phil Callaghan, managing director at Caltech IT Limited confirms, “For us this change is enabling our customers to implement and utilize a great system that will truly set them apart from their competitors.  For us, it is an opportunity to build on our work to continue to help businesses with their contact management strategies.  This will enable employees across our customer sites to offer a fantastic customer experience.  CRM was never a piece of software that can revolutionise your business, there was never a silver bullet.  It’s CRM strategy and processes that the Dynamics software enables, that is where the true value lies.”


So let me tell you more about Microsoft Dynamics 365!


There will be 2 editions of Dynamics 365 – a business edition and an enterprise edition.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM timeline release dates

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Edition snapshot

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 business edition is aimed at organisations that have 10 – 250 employees, that have financial, sales and marketing roles.

The business edition has a maximum of 300 seats and will be cloud only.  Microsoft is releasing the business edition in Spring 2017, however an interim solution is available so you don’t have to wait to get going with your CRM requirements.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition snapshot

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 enterprise edition is focused at organisations that have more than 250 employees and will have what is known now as CRM and AX functionality.   (CRM is customer relationship management and offers sales, customer service and marketing functionality).  (Microsoft Dynamics AX is an ERP system for mid to large organisations offering accounting, stock control, warehouse management, transport, supply chain, asset management and quality management to name some of its features).


Customers on Dynamics 365 enterprise will be able to have ‘dual user rights’.  This basically means that customers won’t need to move everything to the cloud to use Dynamics 365.   So those businesses using Dynamics CRM On Premise can continue to do so and can even get involved in Cloud by purchasing the Dynamics 365 licensing that they need to give extra capability.


Customers who purchased Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online prior to 1st November 2016, will know that there was a minimum 5 user seat count.  This has been removed with the Dynamics 365 enterprise edition, however please note there is a minimum of 20 users for customers using the enterprise edition AX component which will be called Operations.


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19th October 2016.

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