Microsoft Dynamics CRM Housing

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Housing For resident communication and stakeholder management

Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM for housing associations will manage key communications and raise resident satisfaction through seamless working practises.

Microsoft CRM is so versatile that it is being used to provide solutions to respond the housing changes and demands that are faced every day.

2013 is a big year for housing as the regulatory and legislation changes start to be put into practise.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM is all about ensuring that housing organisations can be agile and adapt to these changes – quickly.  It will also help to improve the efficiency of housing stock and manage key relationships managing extra services that housing associations offer.

Caltech CRM developed TenantView CRM in 2011.  We also deliver CRM for departmental solutions such as managing key services such as Care Alarms, or maybe supporting teams to minimise calls.  Whatever you need CRM for in housing, Caltech can deliver it, using Microsoft CRM.

Tomorrow is the start of CIH Manchester.  We will be exhibiting at CIH on the Technology Zone over three days, 25th to 27th June 2013.  Come and see us on the stand and we can give you a flavour of how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be tailored for your housing needs, no matter how big or small.

The solution works for:

Housing Associations


Housing Property Organisations

Housing Call Handlers

In fact anyone working within the housing sector.


TenantView CRM powered by Microsoft CRM allows customer interactions to be managed efficiently to enable first time call response.  It saves your call handlers and specialist teams’ time by ensuring they are able to focus on each task in hand.

We will have case studies available on the stand and we can talk to you about your specific needs and getting the most from the software.

TenantView CRM works to manage residents and can link with housing management systems.  It’s so flexible it will also manage all services that housing associations offer and can be extended as far as you want it to go, to respond to changes and new legislation.

TenantView CRM Offerings

In terms of delivering customer excellence Microsoft Dynamics CRM has the structure to do all that.

It also allows senior management to use IT in a more simplistic way.  Housing Associations have complex IT infrastructure with so many systems doing so many crucial roles.  Using Microsoft CRM as a central repository will allow users to handle the data and use it in a way to improve services.  Looking at this data will ensure that you are close to your residents and can respond to them and talk to them the way they want to.

Using Microsoft CRM also empowers the call handlers to get a full picture of that tenant each time they call in.  They can see how often they have called, what about, if they have any cases open, if their rent payment is late or if they are involved in any other kind of query.

Microsoft CRM is easy to use as it operates from Microsoft Outlook.

So where do we focus when we showcase TenantView CRM powered by Microsoft CRM?  Come over to the stand and ask us what you want to see – and we will try to give you a flavour of that.  See you there!

For a full demonstration at a time and venue to suit your needs, email or call us on  01924507280


24th June 2013

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