October 2018 release for Microsoft Dynamics 365 On Premise v.9.0.2

October 2018 release Microsoft Dynamics 365 On-Premise v.9.0.2 – find out more.

October 2018 release for Microsoft Dynamics 365 On Premise v.9.0.2

October has arrived and with it, Microsoft has released a new update to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for On-Premise, v.9.0.2, specifically customer engagement apps!  Exciting stuff I hear you cry… let’s see what’s involved.


A Unified Interface

According to Charles Lamanna, the new unified interface due for the October release of Dynamics 365 on-premise is all about providing “optimal viewing” across several devices.  This will certainly help user experience as well as the new menu options.  Want to find out more- This way to Microsoft’s post about the unified interface version 9.0.2 on premise.

What else is included in October 2018 release for Microsoft Dynamics 365 On-Premise v.9.0.2?


As well as the new unified interface the update to Dynamics 365 for customer engagement on-premise apps will include the relationship assistant, interactive dashboards across several devices giving better user interface and PowerApps.


Some other great functionality that we are looking forward to the on-premise release is virtual entities.  Want to read more about virtual entities click here.  A virtual entity is perfect for viewing data in Dynamics 365 that sits in another place.  If the data is in another system but needs to be viewed in Dynamics 365 then virtual entities could be for you.  It is important to note that when using virtual entities the data is read-only so cannot be altered in Dynamics 365 and they also cannot be enabled for queues.  Please note that field level security is not supported and a virtual entity also can’t be entitled to activities.


We are pleased to see that you can create mobile task experiences and also happy to see the field service app perfect for scheduling engineers or employees out on the road.  Read more about the field service app in Dynamics 365 v. 9.0.2. here.


Please note that the offline functionality for in Dynamics 365 v.9.0 isn’t available in this release for customer engagement apps on-premise but Microsoft has committed to continue support for Dynamics 365 Online for customer engagement.


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Correct at the time of writing : 19.10.18

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