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Have you ever wondered what other organisations are doing with CRM?  How are they getting the benefits from the system?  What is their customer engagement strategy?  Well, our 17 Amazing CRM examples can help you to find out more about how they do it and see measurable results.


Here are a few CRM examples to whet your appetite!  Why not download the full paper to see how all these organisations across several industry sectors employ CRM to work well for them!

One CRM example is of a not for profit organisation.

Not for Profit CRM Example



This charity used CRM to manage fundraising events.  As the success of the fundraising events grew the charity found it difficult to maintain control and provide excellent customer service.  Turning to Dynamics CRM it found that it was able to ensure that each donor, runner and volunteer felt that they were making an important contribution.  This ensured that there was repeat engagement for the next fundraising event.

Another CRM example is of a manufacturing b2b.

Manufacturing CRM Example




With the fast paced social world where shopping around is commonplace, this customer wanted to ensure that it could compete it this competitive world.  It turned to Microsoft Dynamics CRM to help it achieve a competitive advantage.  Customers were thrilled as they felt understood.  The sales representative understood their past purchases, what mattered to them and what products they may be interested in.  The result for the company was an increase in sales and an engaged customer base.


Another CRM example is of a media organisation.  Again in a changing world, this customer turned to CRM to manage a growing array of media solutions it was offering.

Media Services CRM Example


With the explosion of automation, advertising options and social media, the ability to provide the right product to the right customer was becoming increasingly difficult.  Quoting was a key part of the requirement and the ability to have an integration to an ERP solution.  Using CRM in this way meant that this media business was able to get the most from CRM and delight their customers.  The customers loved the fact that the sales representative knew their business and understood them, coming up with focused media campaigns designed especially for them.


CRM Examples and Benefits for industries

These CRM examples come from industries such as:

  • Distribution
  • Oil and Gas
  • Manufacturing
  • Charities
  • Telecoms
  • Financial services
  • Hospitality
  • Professional services


Each of these examples demonstrate how CRM can delight both the customers and have true benefits for an organisation.


Having a customer centric view is crucial to the success factors for all of these CRM examples.  Each of these CRM uses have one key and clear focus and that is they all put the customer engagement and retention plan at the heart of their businesses.


Starting with leads, CRM can help to ensure that marketing and sales can work together to delight and win the sale.  Measurements here include revenue and pipeline as well as repeat purchases and customer growth prediction.  Leads can be scored and measured to ensure that the sales people only focus on the leads they can work with at the right time.


A great example of CRM and a way to ensure that you get the most from a CRM system is to think about your measurements.  Look at the customer as a whole.  In this increasingly technological world it is important to understand your customers digital journey as well as seeing them as one.  They may have several email addresses, 2 mobiles, social media accounts…  By consolidating this data and ensuring that you see the customer as one person means you can delight them and ensure that you offer the right information at the right time.


My final example of CRM and to ensure it drives the benefits you need put the customer at the heart of your strategy.  Think about how you will engage with your customers – for service, marketing and sales.  Perhaps you will offer a loyalty programme that CRM can facilitate?  Or how about a knowledge base of articles to offer 24×7 report.


Find out about the 17 amazing examples of Customer Relationship Management here, and see what you can do to make sure that your organisation excels.


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