Microsoft Dynamics CRM Upgrade

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Upgrade

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Here at Caltech CRM we help our clients get the most from CRM software, and this includes our expertise to facilitate and guide Microsoft Dynamics CRM Upgrade.

We are passionate about making Dynamics CRM effective and deliver benefits.  Being on the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is often crucial.  The functionality and development that has been ploughed into Dynamics CRM is there to optimise and do more for less across each area of your business.

Over the last 7 years Dynamics CRM is unrecognisable from its early versions following the acquisitions Microsoft has made (here’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM features as an example), and we are often asked about upgrading CRM software, but sometimes this can come with some trepidation and uncertainty.  That’s why we have created our FREE guide: Microsoft Dynamics CRM upgrade to improve lead generation and Increase sales.

This ebook sets out the key reasons why you need to upgrade and not get left behind, how to upgrade, and how to run a smooth upgrade project.  If using Microsoft Dynamics CRM is becoming a time consuming burden, this ebook is for you.

Once the decision has been made to start a Microsoft Dynamics CRM upgrade, it is important that an understanding of the existing system including all workflows, Java Script and plugins are comprehensively understood.

With any Dynamics CRM upgrade, there are always risks.  A CRM Upgrade Assessment will provide you with a high level overview, demonstrating any complexity involved in upgrading, documentation of the upgrade risks, as well as recommending the best route to upgrade.

 A Microsoft Dynamics CRM Upgrade doesn’t need to be painful! 

Download our FREE ebook and see how you can:

  • Find out why upgrading Microsoft Dynamics CRM will help you 
  • Minimize the risks of upgrading and deliver a successful solution
  • See our upgrade Microsoft Dynamics CRM case study 

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