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Blog Part 1

In this competitive time it is of the highest importance to increase profitability, through improved customer acquisition and retention.  Organisations are finding ways to get ahead in these tough times.

A continued growth favourite option is by using IT systems to deliver critical software.  This is where Microsoft CRM Customer Relationship Management takes centre stage.

Microsoft CRM is a business enabler.  It helps organisations thrive by using its flexible software in a user friendly way.  And that is why Microsoft CRM is so popular.

In the cloud

Cloud computing allows organisations of all sizes to access sophisticated IT software.  It provides this software on a monthly fee basis making it affordable and removing the necessity to have servers, software, licenses that can manage the software.

On premise

Microsoft CRM can also be implemented on premise (on site) for organisations that have the servers and IT infrastructure.

So how can you revolutionise your organisation?

There are 5 main strategies that require focus and that Microsoft CRM will enable.

  1. Existing customer plans
  2. Driving more with less
  3. Simplify disparate IT systems
  4. Maximise every opportunity
  5. Focus on the benefits

By having existing customer plans you can ensure you are giving the right customers your time.  You must have customers that spend little with you, want more and more reductions in cost and are time hungry.  You make nothing from them.  Using CRM enables a collection of data about each customer, their transactions, their conversations, history and more.  Having this information allows your customer service teams to deal with queries, orders or targeted marketing far more efficiently.  This information can also be used by management to use that customer inforamtion to their advantage.

Remember, Microsoft CRM is a business enabler.

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