Yammer and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Yammer and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Yammer I believe, is a micro-blogging platform – the most recognisable form of this we know and many of us use is Twitter.
Yammer is often referred to as a microblog for private use within organisations, however it does extend to an organisations partners, customers, contractors and fans!

It’s all about conversations not just broadcasting.  It’s about a communities and conversations, and brings you closer to
your colleagues, people who work across your organisation.  For larger organisations, if you have a colleague in Head Office in the South of England and your colleagues are call centre offices based up North, then it’s a clear way of you speaking with those
colleagues, understanding your clients and getting brand messages to them – quickly and with ease.

It’s a powerful platform including documents (and version numbers),  notes of conversations, content, branding, messages, key decision making conversations so everyone knows where a project is up to, or particular cases.

You can pin popular content, get quick answers to questions from people in your organisation you don’t know, and files can even trend.

Yammer Enterprise has an integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.  Users can create or alter records inside Yammer.  Yammer allows updates as they happen on CRM activities in Yammers Activity Streams Ticker.  This keeps everyone up to date, tracks conversations within CRM which means that everything is fully updated all of the time.

Yammer also has a universal search integration into Microsoft Dynamics CRM which allows users to find accounts, opportunities, leads and campaigns.  The search will give users relevant content alongside Yammer search results.

Yammer also creates an activity story in Yammers ticker whenever you create or change a record in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

In its most basic form Yammer integrated with Microsoft CRM will allow conversations and a company-wide memory and conversation tool.  At a strategic level it keeps everything updated and provides a true many to many powerful relationship management tool, putting people at the heart through collaboration, sharing and connection.

Yammer improves productivity and promotes company growth, which will save your users time resolving customer issues and bringing key decision makers together.


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