CRM Implementation Strategy

Getting your CRM implementation strategy right is critical to the output of your system.  Ensuring you are starting at the right point is crucial to get the benefits and efficiencies you set out to achieve.


Over the years we have developed a wealth of resources to help you every step of the way.  Focus on the pain points, make sure that you put those at the centre of your conversations when looking at systems and that’s when you will realise those efficiencies for your organization.  See our CRM implementation roundup here.


To help you further we have put together 10 bite-sized videos to give a bit more information about getting your CRM implementation right.  And it all starts with your CRM implementation strategy.  We have been working with CRM solutions since 1999 and we know what will work and what may not give you the results you seek.


For just a few minutes a day – for 10 days – visit each of our videos and find out how we can get you on the right footing with your CRM implementation strategy.


Steps 1 – 10 CRM Implementation Strategies

CRM implementation Step 1 

Step 1 is about the outcomes for your business philosophy.  Find out more in our step 1 to CRM success video.

CRM implementation Strategy Step 1 video

CRM implementation Step 2

Step 2 is all about processes and not features.  You need to understand your processes so we can.  Check out our 2-minute video explaining more.

CRM implementation Step 3 

Step 3 moves on to getting your stakeholders of the business behind the project.  How will you ensure your end users are engaged?  How will you drive buy-in to your CRM strategy and roll out to the business?

Our Step 3 video to CRM implementation strategies shows you how.

CRM implementation Step 4 

Our fourth video is all about measuring success of your implementation?  Learn more here.

CRM implementation Step 5 

Our step 5 is consideration of data.  Think about where your data is.  Who holds the data and who is the data owner?  We discuss here clean data… Clean data is data that holds no duplicates, that is correct so the right spellings, the addresses in the right format that are all uniform.  This 2-minute video will help you understand a little bit more about one of the most important of your CRM implementation strategy… data.

CRM implementation Step 6 

Our step 6 is about testing.  I can’t stress how important this is for a new CRM implementation.  Learn more in our Step 6 CRM video.

CRM implementation Step 7 

Our step 7 to CRM implementation strategy success is about a trial.  We usually offer a trial once we have understood your requirements and we will put together some basic changes to the system.  This will bring the system to life for you.  Check out our top tips to get the most from your CRM trial in our step 7 video.

CRM implementation Step 8 

Our step 8 is about planning and documentation… Don’t miss this crucial step.  Check out our video here.

CRM implementation Step 9 

Step 9 deals with Risks.  With every project there is an element of risk. Identifying these risks and managing them will be where your success lies.  Our Step 9 video explains this further.

CRM implementation Step 10 

Step 10 for your CRM success is when the system is delivered.  This isn’t the end of the project.  By having managers of the system means that you will continue to reap the rewards and grow your efficiencies for your organization.


I hope these videos have got you off on the right footing to a successful CRM.  Here at Caltech we know what works and what doesn’t.


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