Microsoft Dual Use Rights

Microsoft Dual Use Rights: So many of you will have come across Microsoft Dual Use Rights within the Microsoft licensing guides or maybe across blogs or alternative literature.  As Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365 specialists, we have customers using CRM Online, CRM on premises and with us over hosted SPLA platform.


As Microsoft CRM has now transitioned to Dynamics 365, this is giving existing CRM customers more choice and dual use rights may be regarded more closely than it was perhaps previously.


What are Microsoft Dual Use Rights?


Microsoft released dual use rights in 2014 introducing CRM on premise use for CRM Online terms.  But what does it all mean and how can this help to reduce costs or give alternatives to on premises licensing?


As an example, Dynamics 365 (was CRM) Online users can utilize CRM on premises servers with the same rights as on premises licenses.  This means that dual use rights online licenses allow users to access on premises servers.




  • Enterprise Edition Dynamics 365 Online Sales App user
  • Has the same rights as:
  • Enterprise Edition Dynamics 365 Sales App Cal rights


However please note that when the license is used through the CRM server it loses cloud functionality.  For example Dynamics 365 in the cloud has some functionality differences than Dynamics CRM and Microsoft releases some new functionality to cloud only.


Do I have to move all my licenses to Microsoft dual use rights?


No.  The dual use rights give the option to have licenses both in the cloud or on premise or partner hosted servers, as long as it has a CRM server license on premises.


Therefore, simultaneous use of online and on premises licensing is absolutely fine.


The advantages of dual use licensing has to be apportioning cost.  To find out more, or if you need help with your Dynamics CRM / Dynamics 365 site, please contact us.


Alternatively download our free copy of Microsoft Dynamics 365 licensing summary.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing Summary December 2016



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